Motivational Speaker Comes to Tiffen & Co

In early December last year, Tiffen & Co heard an inspiring story from a guest speaker, a 23 year old man who embarked on a 4000km solo run up the east coast of Australia from Canberra to Cape York in Queensland (the most northern point of Australia) to raise money for mental health.

Brad Carron-Arthur departed Canberra on January 1 2012 and started on the run of his life to raise money and awareness for depression and especially AFFIRM, the Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research.

Brad’s father was a long-time sufferer of depression and for the past 20 years, Brad, his father and his family battled to deal with this often fatal condition.

In the lead up to and post the gruelling 4000km run, Brad did a lot of public speaking at schools, businesses and community groups to raise awareness and funds for this disease that is still a taboo topic in today’s society.

Tiffen & Co contributed to Brad Carron-Arthur’s cause by making a donation.  All of the money raised (a whopping $33,397 and climbing) will fund an international post-doctoral academic at the Centre for Mental Health Research at ANU in 2013.

To hear about Brad’s inspiring and heart-felt story, or to make a donation, head to

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