Quick weekend DIY projects

Wanting to brighten up your home but don’t have much time or money? Here are a few great ideas that will make a big difference.

1. Install new door knobs. Give your cupboards a facelift by installing new door knobs. It won’t cost the earth and can be completed in a few hours.

2. Install a luxurious shower head.  Oversized shower heads offer that ‘hotel’ experience and don’t need to cost the earth.

3. Re-organise your pantry.  Cupboards that we always open but never take the time to organise.  Never underestimate the difference a neat and tidy pantry will make to your mental health.

4. Replace your house number.  Installing a new shiny house number is a quick and easy way to welcome your guests.

5. Hang artwork.  Choose one piece of artwork and hang it. Don’t rush and try and hang every piece of artwork you own, just start with one this weekend and go from there.

6. Paint your front door. Similar to a new house number, a freshly painted front door will be a welcome sight to you coming home every day. It won’t cost much and can be done easily in a weekend.

7. Wash your windows. A job no one really ever wants to do, but a job you never regret doing.

8. Rearrange furniture. Tired of the same set up of your lounge room? Try rearranging the set up for a fresh feeling. If you don’t like it you can always move it back next weekend.

9. Buy a floor rug. Change the feel of a room by buying a lush floor rug. You won’t regret it come winter!

10. New light shades. With the arrival of Ikea in Canberra there is no excuse not to update your décor, and light shades can make a room feel entirely different. Make a list of what light shades you want and head to Ikea tomorrow!

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