Put a chill on the energy bill

With spring heat already forcing households into switching on the air-conditioning earlier than anticipated, you know we’re in for a hot summer! Unfortunately, this means an increase in your household energy use and an expensive bill to match it. We’ve compiled a list of the top strategies to help reduce your energy use this summer.

The trick is in the degrees

Feeling cool and warm is relative to the outside temperature, and believe it or not, an air conditioner can be set on a higher temperature on hot days than it is in winter and still cool you down. For every degree set below 24 on your air-conditioner, power consumption is increased by 10% and will cost you up to 50% more.

The ECO button

If your air con has a ECON or ECO button you should use it. This mode reduces power consumption significantly whilst still delivering reasonable levels of comfort.

Filter cleaning

When filters have dust build up, efficiency is compromised, generally leading to higher costs. To ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently, clean the filter once a week. A yearly service is also recommended to ensure the longevity of your cooling system.

Be a fan of the fan

While an air conditioning system will be the most effective solution to cool you down, leaving it running for long periods of time will add up quickly. Depending on the type of air conditioning unit, you can pay anywhere between 33 cents – $1.94 per hour. Introducing a ceiling or pedestal fan into your cooling mix will bring your energy costs significantly down. The main benefit of a fan is that they are incredibly inexpensive to run. They can cost as little as 2 cents per hour to run, which makes them an obvious choice from a cost perspective.

If you find that the fan just isn’t cutting it on its own, try working the air conditioner and fan in tandem. By strategically running both to save on power usage, you can achieve the perfect comfort level. The most effective way to achieve this, is to run the air conditioner for a short period of time – until you feel that the room has cooled down, then switch off the unit and switch on the fan. The fan will circulate the cold air and will maintain your comfort level.



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