Is it time to review your loan?

In a competitive housing market where affordability is a major issue, is it time to consider a review of your loan? For the past six years interest rates have been on the decrease, but with changes to capital requirements and a predicted rate increase, will you be stretching yourself to maintain your repayments or will you adjust accordingly?

A mortgage health check is the best way to review your existing home loan with your broker. We will re-assess your current situation and review your loan to determine if it is still the most suitable option. These loan terms include interest rate, maturity rate, and type of loan. We will also consider the equity you have in your property, which could help you get a better deal.

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Are you still getting the best interest rate?
If you aren’t regularly reviewing your home loan, how do you know if you are missing out on big savings? It is important to look at the interest rate and the comparison rate as this will give you an idea of the fees that are included.

Do you need to refinance?
A mortgage health check will allow us to review your current employment position and any lifestyle and family changes. Your broker will be able to determine whether or not refinancing is the best solution for you.

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