How to get healthy after the holidays

If you’ve just come back from holidays, chances are you’ve indulged in restaurant food and wine, overeaten at the breakfast buffet and possibly had some late nights and less than restful sleep.

While it can be tough to get back into a healthy routine after a lovely hiatus, there are a few non-negotiable strategies that can get you back to a healthy routine quickly.

1. Make yourself a green smoothie or juice daily

Back from a holiday or not, this would be my top tip for anyone wanting to look and feel healthier instantly. Green smoothies and juices saturate the body with nutrients and are a great way to curb those cravings after eating carb heavy breakfasts. Green Juices and smoothies are also packed with chlorophyll to nourish the liver and digestive system and help support detoxification and the elimination of waste.

2. Eat more vegetables

Focus on eating a variety of fresh vegetables at every meal, every day. By sticking to eating real foods that are found in nature, you will be getting loads of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health and wellbeing.

I like to focus on making vegetables the main component of my meals, then adding quality protein, some fruit and healthy fats to compliment them. It is quite a Mediterranean style of eating which I love, and by eating this way, you instantly take out what I call ‘the terrible three’ — saturated fats, trans fats and refined sugar.

3. Make your own meals

Nutrition isn’t as complicated as it is often made out to be. There’s a sense of ‘food anxiety’ among many people who are trying their best to do the right thing. When it comes down to it, we’re all different and it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. We should all take the time to think about what foods make us feel good nutritionally and what foods don’t.

I’m not an extremist when it comes to my food and diet and enjoy everything in moderation. The important thing is to focus on quality wholefood ingredients such as grass fed meats, fresh vegetables and fruit, poultry, good quality dairy products, nuts and seeds and seasonal foods. Everyone has their own version of a healthy diet that suits them and that’s fine, so it’s important to find out what works best for you.

4. Swap your coffee for matcha tea

The simple act of swapping your coffee with a cup of health boosting matcha green tea can do wonders for your health.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols such as EGCG, the most studied polyphenol compound in green tea. I personally love organic matcha green tea, which is a fine powered green tea obtained from the grinding down of green tea leaves, making them essentially more potent and powerful than loose leaf green tea. If you like your green tea mild for all day drinking – check out GENMAICHA my ultimate green tea that tastes just like popcorn.

5. Catch up on proper sleep

Holidays, or just sleeping in a different bed, can often hinder us from getting the deep, healing sleep our bodies require. Catching up on sleep is by far one of the most important ways to keep healthy and get your energy back if you’ve been having a string of late meals or late nights.

Perhaps one of the most important tips I’ve learnt for a good night’s sleep is turning off the computer and phone at a decent hour and making sure to take a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile that supports a calmative state, reduces stress and promotes a restful night’s sleep.

6. Drink more water

Water is important for cleansing your system from all the toxins in your body. Make sure you’re drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day as water is vital for life and for all metabolic processes in the body. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime, if you prefer, for a refreshing taste.

Water will help get your lymphatic and digestive systems moving properly and will also assist in preventing gas, bloating and other digestive issues. Try drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal – it will prime your body for fat loss and stops you from retaining excess water. I also love to sip on a digestive health blend, as it’s perfect to help relieve bloating and fluid retention.

7. Get moving

If you exercise regularly it will reward you by slowing the effects of ageing, increasing energy, reducing fatigue, stress and depression, improving circulation, lowering body fat and cholesterol, increasing our immunity and toning muscles.

It’s not necessary to go ballistic at the gym, but it’s important to get at least 30 minutes of movement every day. For me, it can sometimes be a struggle to fit in some exercise, but even a light stroll in the sunshine, instantly makes me feel calmer and more relaxed. Incidental physical exercise forms part of the foundation to my everyday health. I make sure I walk most days of the week and try to get 10,000 – 15,000 steps during the day.

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