Canberra’s most tightly held suburb

There is a suburb located on Canberra’s north-side, which is a place that rarely exchanges hands and boasts an 88% owner occupied rate. Only 19 of the 763 properties located in this suburb were listed for sale over a 12-month period (April 18 – March 19) and this suburb holds the current title for ‘Canberra’s most tightly held suburb.’ Many wouldn’t expect that this suburb would be Fraser.

Although Fraser had the lowest percentage based on proportion of sales, it did not have the lowest volume of sales. Based on volume of sales, it was actually O’Malley which came out in front, with only 17 residential sales.

Florey and Red Hill came in second and third respectively with Florey selling 55 out of 1,973 dwellings and Red Hill with 36 out of 1,273 dwellings, both representing 2.8 per cent of suburb dwellings. Rounding out the five is Giralang (3 per cent) and Oxley (3.1 per cent).

On the other end of the spectrum, Dickson recorded the highest property turnover with 13.6 per cent of dwellings exchanging hands. Due to an influx in unit developments, higher density suburbs including, Barton, Kingston and Greenway, made up the bulk of the most turned over suburbs.

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