The letterbox drop

House hunting is the worst, there is really no point in sugar coating it. The process starts out fun, seeing how other people live and creating a picture in your mind as to whether you could see yourself living there or not. As time rolls on, it starts to become tedious, the more houses you see that aren’t right or the feeling of dejection after being outbid at an auction. Again.

Let’s face it, buying a house in today’s market is tough. It can take its toll and you start to go insane feeling as though you will never find your perfect home. You need to be prepared to think outside the box and do things a little differently.

The letterbox drop.

Realistically, how often do you check the mail box? Typically you can expect to receive a copious amount of catalogues, bills and property sales brochures. However, what if you were surprised by an offer that exceeded expectations?

In April this year, the owners of a property in Forrest, received a letter in their mailbox with a potential home buyer expressing interest in their home, which was not on the market. This lead to the sale of the property and a recorded residential suburb record of $6.45M.

The best way to source the property you want is to go direct. Type up a genuine letter explaining who you are, what you are looking to buy (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom etc.) and your price range. Walk the suburbs you like and get a feel for the area and the surrounding streets. As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Whilst we aren’t promising the world and guaranteeing that this strategy is 100% fool proof, you might just get lucky and score your dream home.

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