Stirling enters the $1 million property club

In July, Stirling entered Canberra’s $1 million property club with 12 Barlee Place setting the new suburb sale record of $1.08 million. According to Domain data, the suburb record prior to this sale was $970,000 in 2017 with the sale of 28 McKail Crescent.

The Barlee Place property was sold 6 years ago for $400,000 and was then knocked down and rebuilt – a trend that is becoming more prevalent throughout the Weston Creek area. The home had strong selling appeal due to having no steps to the house or at any of the entrances and exits, opening up to a large demographic including young families and retirees.

Over the past four years, the Weston Creek area has become a greater buying hotspot due to its accessibility to Woden and the city centre.

Record: $2.6M (2016),
$1M milestone: $1.03M (2016)

Record: $2.075M (2017)
$1M milestone: $1M (2015)

Record: $1.36M (2017)
$1M milestone: $1.2M (2013)

Record: $1.08M (2018)
$1M milestone: $1M (2016)

Record: $1.2M (2018)
$1M milestone: $1.2M (2018)

Record: $1M (2018)
$1M milestone: $1M (2018)

Record: $2.49M (2017)
$1M milestone: $1M (2014)

The current medium house price in Stirling is $758,500.

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