Light Rail Network

The announcement that the construction of Canberra’s Light Rail system will commence this year is, as far as we’re concerned, a win for Canberra. Public transport is a great way to support a strong economy and more productive workforce, and create a cleaner, more liveable, active and sustainable Canberra.

Property values will increase and congestion on the busiest routes will be eased, with a projected 20,000 passengers able to be carried on just one corridor during peak hour. Add to that the benefit of over 3500 jobs being supported during the construction of the system and the $198 million in wider economic benefits, Capital Metro stage one will lay the foundation for a future Canberra-wide 90.7km of light rail network.

With a projected population of over 675,000 in 2061, the light rail will see 27% of the current ACT urban area within 1km of the light rail network. This is a win for everyone. It will see reduced emissions from petrol engines, encourage a more accessible and inclusive community, and encourages active travel – making walking and cycling easier commuting options – allowing us to continue to enjoy the overall quality of life that is experienced here in Canberra.

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